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John Seal Series

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Now the politicians need his help..

Or do they want him dead?

Ripped from todays headlines…
John Seal, ex-CIA and cybersecurity expert, is tasked with safeguarding the country’s vital electrical infrastructure from diabolical hackers. He is sent to Budapest on a routine intel gathering mission and inadvertently discovers a planned cyber attack is imminent. The target — US power grids! 

With the risk of a terrorist attack on red alert, the Secretary of Homeland Security presses John to finish developing the software his agency is designing that detects unauthorized cyber activity and blocks an intrusion. But the code is incomplete.

Now, John is forced to hire a new software developer to expedite the process. A woman determined to prove her skills and win the trust of her new boss. When John’s elderly grandfather and old friend become pawns in a cruel game to distract John’s efforts, he is forced to use his black-ops training to stay one step ahead of the terrorists. 

Meanwhile, he is the only person who has the expertise and tenacity to root out the bad actors and defend the US against cyber attack. 

Will John’s prowess and stealth be enough to save the nation from a countrywide blackout? And unmask the puppet master politicians pulling strings behind the scenes…

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The clock is ticking…

Black-ops agent John Seal is sent to Stockholm on a simple Secret PANDORA mission in the midst of winter to intercept a scheduled dead drop between a Swedish Security Service agent by impersonating a local CIA operative.

But the brutal murder of the SSS agent only seconds away from grabbing the package, sends John racing through the icy alleyways and gritty streets forcing him to take cover.

During an epic blizzard, John is faced with uncertain loyalties and conflicting agendas as he struggles to follow new orders — recover the highly sensitive contents of the package and assassinate the Swedish Minister of Justice before escaping the country.

He has forty-eight hours…

If you like gripping tension complete with plot twists and intrigue, you’ll love this compact fast-paced spy-thriller.

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