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Once we were soulmates, but then something happened.


When we graduated from high school, I had plans to further my education. 

Kent’s plans for us were different. If only he hadn’t up and left town for the Navy after our first kiss!


I found out plans don’t always work out, though. Now, eight years later, I find myself lingering on our family ranch dreaming of the youthful love Kent and I once shared. When my fantasies came true, and Kent returned to me, the reality was far from my dreams... 


He was dark and different. What had happened to him while he served his country as a SEAL?


Am I just in love with a memory or down deep inside is Kent still everything I ever needed and more? Christmas is coming. Will he surprise me and realize we are kindred spirits?


"A Distant Heart" is a STEAMY standalone story with no cliffhangers, a holiday theme, and a guaranteed HEA. Bonus content is included for your continued reading pleasure.

A Distant Heart

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